Deborah Griffin — Artist based in London, UK

Mexico Siniestro!

Mexico Siniestro !
The Sinister Art of the Mexico’s Underground!

Thursday 3rd- 7:30 pm till 12am November 2011.

We are celebrating the influence that Mexican culture and art is having on the aesthetics and artistic practices all over the world.

Mexico’s rich heritage of religious, cult and folklore iconography is the launch point for our incredible forthcoming exhibition.
From the traditional Catholic shrines to the Santa Muerte death worshipping cult. The ancient Aztec influence through to mainstream Lucha Libre hysteria on a massive scale.

Drug warlords and gangland killings.
Poverty, corruption, politics. Love, death and afterlife.
Graffiti, shrines, skulls, spells and curses.

Mexico Siniestro ! Features a pool of superb artists of different disciplines from around the globe who have used the religious & cult aspects of Mexico’s iconography for some of their inspiration.
And we hope to present an international insight into a wonderful nation’s consciousness which has been producing exciting and unique art for 1000’s of years.

"Our Lady Of The Immaculate Injection" mixed media

"Our Lady Of The Immaculate Injection"