Deborah Griffin — Artist based in London, UK

Erotic Awards 2012

“These are the good people in a gloriously mucky business.” Grayson Perry
The Erotic Awards raise funds for Outsiders, our charity which helps disabled people gain confidence and find partners. Each year, since 1994, we herald the most talented, pioneering and influential sex-positive people. Together, we create a sensational show and exhibition of their work and honour our winners with a Golden Flying Penis Trophy.

Erotic Awards 2012

"It's Curtains For All Of Us" self-portrait digital print

"Me, Myself and Eye" self-portrait digital print

"Your Name's Not Down You're Not Coming In!" self-portrait digital print

"Putting a New Spin on The Revolution" self portrait-digital print

"Lock Up Yer Mothers" self-portrait digital print

"Westwood Cunt" Nokia 6300i mobile phone self-portrait.