Deborah Griffin — Artist based in London, UK


Gaze into the dark psyche of modern life with a unique and powerful collection of surreal, controversial & provocative international artists. Curated by James Elphick of Guerrilla Zoo

The Modern Panic series are inspired by the work of the Panic Movement, which was comprised of artists Alejandro Jodorowsky, Fernando Arrabal and Roland Topor, who created provocative live arts events in France during 1960s. The works intended aim was to slice through the bourgeois art world with the aim to be a catalyst towards liberation of thought within the viewer. Modern Panic follows in the footsteps of this movement and exhibits the new wave of modern provocateur artists..

“Mothership Connection: artist, artist’s daughter, artist’s uterus” (2016), the piece Deborah is exhibiting in this current Modern Panic exhibition is an intense symbolic exploration of her interior experience : of the gain and loss ;empowerment, disempowerment and subsequent re-empowerment and ownership of womanhood, from child birth, through the trauma of an hysterectomy operation, ultimately manifested in her uterus preserved in a glass jar of formaldehyde in perpetuity.

“Mothership Connection: artist, artist’s daughter, artist’s uterus” (2016) Digital print