Deborah Griffin — Artist based in London, UK


TWO is a Two week group show to mark two years of artist-run cultivation on our corner.

TWO will mark 70 shows/events. 104 weeks of always being there – no closing down for summer holidays, months off in winter, no sitting behind closed doors.

TWO will open on Thursday evening August 29th and will take in a second late night on First Thursday September 5th (our 25th in an unbroken run of very very busy First Thursday evenings on our corner right in the middle of Vyner Street and all that Vyner Street stands for)

TWO will feature a mix of the art of artists who have worked with us and excited us most over the last two years, as well as, in the now established tradition of Cultivate, an artist or two who probably hasn’t shown work in Vyner Street or Cultivate before. Expect artist announcements over the next few days…

CULTIVATE is currently a gallery space based in one of East London’s busiest art streets, Vyner Street.

Originally intended as a six month experiment, the open-door gallery art-space on the corner in the middle of Vyner Street is loved by some, loathed by others, it has excited, annoyed and we’ve enjoyed sharing the art of hundreds of stimulating artists with thousands of enthusiastic visitors

TWO will mark two years of exploring, experiencing, sharing and doing things on our terms. Expect a number of events during the two weeks.

TWO opens on Thursday 29th August and run on our corner Until September 10th


"NOTHING HERE" 36" x 28 " permanent marker, coffee, acrylic paint and metal leaf on canvas